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Friday, June 30, 2006

How is this for cute outfits?

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bubbles and some new friends

Alexandria and mommy shared a desert for their birthdays last Thursday at lunch, I forgot to download the picture off the camera. Also our neighbors Paul and Nancy stopped by for a meet and greet, Alexandria really enjoys meeting new people. Last but not least while waiting for mommy to get home from work I blew some bubbles and she really thought that was fun. Gotta get back to work, Todd>>>>

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The new referral batch is up over at Mary's

There are a bunch of new referrals up over at "Do they have salsa in china" Figured I would post this so anyone interested could go take a look.
  • Do they have salsa in china
  • Is today going to be one of those days????

    Boy oh boy, what did I do to deserve this. Other than Alexandria opening and closing the door to our Florida room about 50 times and standing there laughing about it, this girl has been quite the hand full. She woke me up at about 6:15am this morning, well I just tried to ignore her until about 7, we got up went down and made breakfast, had a little milk (yeah she's on milk now) and spent the next 1 1/2 hours playing and she produced her first dootie of the day for me.

    About 9 - 9:15 I went to put her down for her first nap, what a surprise, she didn't want to sleep, about about 35 minutes of listening to her cry I went up and got her and we came back down and played more. Well she played for about 2 minutes and then went back to opening and closing the door in the room. Then guess how surprised I was when she produced yet another dootie. Thats my girl, and I still think its funny watching her produce them, such concentration.

    Well now we are working on about 11:30 and this girl is starting to get very crabby, so I figure lunch and then nap time, well boy was it ever a lunch. We started off with a little temper tantrum when I put her in her high chair, and heaven forbid that the food wasn't right there, the tantrum increased. I was worried that the neighbors were going to think I was beating her. Well once the food arrived she calmed down, I gave her another sippy cup of milk and it was quiet for about 5 minutes, or shall I say until she was done, then whamo back to throwing the temper tantrum that she had started 10 minutes before. I gave her that look, mind you I was now moping the kitchen floor, needless to say I got her cleaned up, got her out of that high chair and straight to bed she went.

    Now I can breath a breath of fresh air, sit down and write a little blog entry and hope she sleeps for about 3 hours (knock on wood). All I can say is that I hope she wakes up on the right side of the bed this time. I know that she is cutting more teeth and that is probably her problem, but I really don't like temper tantrums, I don't do well with them, my therapy for them is to sit there and watch her throw them, I will not answer that call unless I absolutely have to. Hopefully the day will get better. Todd>>>>

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Just a few more pictures

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    Happy 40th Birthday to that other special person in my life

    Tomorrow is also my wifes 40th birthday, everyone please help me wish Faye a happy 40th birthday. What a coincedence that Alex's and Faye's birthdays are on the same day and they are only 39 years apart. What a great thing for mommy and baby to share the same birthday.

    Just kidding, Faye won't be 40, she will only be 30 something, but I like making fun of her and teasing her anyway. I hope that she reads the top before she see's this down here at the bottom and freaks out. Happy birthday Faye, we love you.

    Someone is having a birthday tomorrow

    Alexandria Grace will be 1 tomorrow, we did celebrate her birthday this past Sunday, and a good time was had by all, we appreciate everyone who came to the party, sorry we had to keep it somewhat small, due to lack of room. Hopefully next year will be a bigger event, this year had to be reduced due to the fact that I just ripped the deck off the house in hopes of getting a new one built.

    Alex got all kinds of gifts and really seemed to enjoy her first cupcake with icing. The rest of us had a picnic style buffet and cake. We also got a few donations to start her up a college fund, which I will be setting up hopefully tomorrow on her real birthday. It is so hard to believe that we are already celebrating her first birthday, it seems like yesterday she was handed to us and she was barely 9 months old. She continues to grow and learn faster than I could have ever imagined, it does make me a little sad to see her growing up so fast, but at the same time I really enjoy seeing her learn things that we are teaching her(some things I wish she would forget). Being a dad is great, everything I had imagined plus some.


    Happy Birthday Alexandria
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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Happy Fathers day to my good buddy Monte

    Unfortunatly Monte is spending his fathers day in Iraq, and I know that he really wishes he could be spending the day doing what dads do on fathers day. Just wanted to give him a little air time and let him know that we are thinking of him and to remind those of us who may have forgotten that there are people that are still in harms way that need to be thought of on a day like this. Hurry home Monte, I know that you have 4 little ones that can't wait to see you. We can't wait to see you guys in late 2006, early 2007. Glad to hear you had fun on your little helicopter ride. Take care, Todd>>>>

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    Tuesday, June 13, 2006


    The top picture is the second day we had Alexandria and the clothes we put her in were way too big, well this past Saturday Faye put her in the same outfit, and as you can see, she has grown right into those clothes, she is just a couple of months behind.

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    WOW!!! WHAT A SLOB (How's this for messy face?)

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    JUST WAIT (Edited)

    Well the wife has made me feel guilty about writing this post, so I have now erased it and spared everyone who said "Just wait" the question of "Is he talking about me"? All I was trying to say was when someones kid does something that you wished your kid did, don't tell them "Just wait" and hope that it changes. Sorry if you didn't get to read the original post, I know that this post will now sound confusing. Oh well my kid is still a great eater and sleeper. Todd>>>>

    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    2 Months and counting

    Yesterday was 2 months since gotcha day, it really has gone by fast. Some of it truly hasn't sunk in yet. It's so hard to believe that Faye and I are parents of such a wonderful beautiful little girl. We have had a couple of up and down days, which is to be expected, but for the most part this girl is really good.

    She is learning new stuff by the day, still not talking, she does say da-da, but I really don't believe that she knows what it means yet.

    I pick her up and pat her back, and she does the same thing in return, which I find really cute.

    She is climbing the stairs, which I really don't like, but she has to learn sometime right???

    We still don't have baby gate 1, does that make us bad parents??? We know we need to get this done ASAP since we have a house full of stairs.

    When she sneezes she smiles and waits for us to say bless you.

    She claps and bops to music, I think we have a baby that is going to love music, I turn the TV on and she ignores it, I turn the radio on and she seems to pay attention.

    She loves to play patty-cake with mommy, and she will show you her toes if you ask "where are your toes".

    I know that none of these thing are adding up to baby einstein, but it is progress. Everyday is a blessing with this little girl, even when she takes her entire breakfast and throws it on the floor 20 seconds after I give it to her. The past 2 months have been a blast and I am looking forward to the next 500. We are getting ready to celebrate her 1st birthday, what a grand day that will be for her. I am looking forward to seeing her dig into her very own birthday cake, I'll make sure that I get it on video. Well until next time everyone take care, Todd>>>>

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Caught some cute photo's over the past couple days. 1. Can you believe how smart this girl is, she can already spell her name with blocks. (Hmmmmmmmmmmm???) 2. Faye caught her sleeping in her crib like this. 3.Today I took her to one of the local malls and she fell asleep on the way home. She is just like her mom, put her in a car and it is time to sleep. 4. The last photo is my dad, he likes to stand her on the floor and let her go, she normally will stand there for a couple of second before she realizes that he isn't holding her anymore. She loves it, she thinks it's a game. She also like all the funny noises he makes when doing it.

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    Congratulations to my sister in law Miss HannahB

    Congratulations Hannah, sorry I couldn't be there, but I really am excited and proud of you for getting this done. Good luck in what ever you decide to do in the future, Faye tell me that you are thinking about massage therapy school, well I really do hope you do this and I totally expect to reap the benefits in the future. Congratulations once again, and I will see you soon. Todd>>>>

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    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    We love to eat!!!!!!!!!!(repost)

    Forgot to add this photo of cute little Lily (we had 2 Lily's), what a little eater she is. She is also one of Alexandria's orphange sisters.
    We have a new contender for the messy face competition, this is after waffles and blackberry jam.
    I'm guessing that we're not doing something right cause Lily is winning the messy face competition.
    Lily's mom and dad say this girl likes pizza, well I'm assuming that she really does. Isn't she just the cutest little girl.

    A day at the Columbus Arts Festival

    Today Alexandria, Faye and I went downtown to the Arts Festival, wasn't too bad to start with, then the rain came. The rain wasn't bad until it stopped. WOW did it become humid, I felt like I was being steamed for dinner. The weather was naturally WRONG here in central Ohio, they said we were supposed to have a high of 77 and it was in the mid 80's and with that humidity it felt like it was in the 90's. Like usual we didn't buy anything, whoever made up that saying "starving artist" I really do understand why. $1700.00 for a photograph framed and matted????? well if you are selling these then you aren't starving, your eating better than most. Was the photo nice?? YES, was it worth $1700??? I don't know, but if your not selling them then I understand why you are starving, and think if I bought one for that price I would be starving too. All I am trying to say is that some people are out of their minds, I do believe that there are some things worth the money and some of the stuff seems fairly priced, but for a photograph to cost as much as they did I don't know and it seems that is always what I want to buy when I am there. Guess I'll just have to keep taking pictures of my own. Hopefully one day, Todd>>>>

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