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Monday, February 19, 2007

When will the runny nose END????

This poor girl has had a runny nose now for a few days and the decongestant just isn't working. I feel sorry for her everytime I have to sit here and wipe that poor little nose, I just know from the looks of things that it must be hurting something terrible. She woke up this morning to the crustiest upper lip I have ever seen, nothing like starting your day off with a nice little face washing. Now just for the record, she really is tolerant to me punishing her in the morning washing the cement crusted boogers off her face, just a little fit at a time, honey.
I sit here trying to type this and she is getting into everything, she just brought me her lotion and I had to stop and lather her up, the girl is turning into a lizard in this cold weather. Nothing like a little "Grins & Giggles" lotion to smooth things out. I really like the smell also.
Alex is really trying to be good, she is growing like a weed, still not talking, don't know what the malfunction is but everyone is telling me to not get my drawers all bunched up, she will talk all in due time.
Loving fatherhood, nothing like I imagined, it's better than ........EVERYTHING. Believe me we have days, but for the most part I wouldn't trade it for anything. Nothing like being woke up in the morning hearing your daughter yelling DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just keep waiting for her to say DADDY, this is what I want to hear. I try just about everyday to get her to add those two letters to DAD, no such luck. I guess I will keep her anyhow.
We still have the sleeping champion, this girl loves to sleep, I know if we adopt again, we will never have another that likes to sleep like this one does. Yes she still sleeps from 8P - 8A and takes 2 naps a day, I think she sleeps about 15 - 16 hours a day. No, we don't medicate just in case you think we do. When she is awake, she is full speed, there is very little time that she isn't moving. Well have to go time to go do some Dora or Doodlebops. Todd>>>>


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