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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hello all, again

Sorry about the delay in posting, just honestly haven't much been in the mood, or had the time. As you can see from the time stamp I am up rather early, didn't have much luck in the sleeping department this morning. Nothing new just wanting to get on here and write something, most everyone knows about my Las Vegas journey and what fun it was. While I was gone to Vegas, Faye and Alexandria went and visited our friends Rebecca and Bryan and their 3 wonderful children (see pictures below) Lily and Alexandria were orphange sisters, and Faye and I would really like to see Alexandria grow up and know the other children that were in the oprhange with her. This was her first visit with Lily since we left China, and from what Faye tells me they all had a very good time, and I look forward to being there the next time.

We now have an extremely mobile baby, and to be perfectly honest I don't know if I like that or not. It was easier before when you just put her down and she stayed put, I now have to keep a very close eye on her and that is really cramping my blog time. We are on the verge of walking, she needs very little assistance walking now but she just won't let go. We still don't have really any talking other than babble, I just know that she will call me daddy any day now.

Sorry to be short, but I'm going back to bed, talk again soon, Todd>>>>

Monday, May 29, 2006

Got photos

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Got Photos?????

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Wanna know where I've been???

See my other blog Whattajoke. Link is located over on the right hand side. Todd

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A few photos to hold you over

Also in case you missed the "Gotcha Day video" the link is over on the right hand side under Favorite Links.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What a great baby

You know everyone thinks that they have the best baby, well I am finally the one telling the truth. All right maybe she's not the best all the time but the good definitely outweights the bad. This morning we got up at 7:30am and that is after going down at just after 8pm, slept all night without a peep thankfully. Every once in a while she will wake up in the middle of the night, but I'll bet 90% of the time she sleeps all the way through. This morning after we got up we had waffles, bananas and some strawberry yogurt. I know that a whole waffle probably isn't much, but to me I never in million years expected for a 18 lb. baby to sit and eat a whole waffle, half a banana, and half a tub (small cup) of yogurt. Unless she has figured out how to feed the waffle to the dog I think she is actually storing it somewhere. And to top it all off she sucks down a 6 oz. bottle afterwards. We went and saw the doc yesterday and she said for right now it's OK for her to eat this much, I am just starting to wonder where she is putting it all. I really hope that she isn't feeding it to the dog, for the most part I have an eye on her but sometime I do the dishes while she is eating and the dog is right there.

Still no sign of hearing her say those sweet words (Daddy or da-da) still just babbling. We sat and finally watched a little bit of Finding Nemo last night for the first time, I am excited for the fact that she actually paid attention to the TV for the first time. No, I don't want a baby that sits and stares at the TV 12 hours a day, I do want to play all these baby Einstein videos that we have for her. I have heard some really good things about babies that have watched these videos. We have lots of play time in the afternoon and I would really like to include some of these videos.

I know that kisses is nothing new for a baby, but this girl gives the sweetest kisses in the morning when she first gets up and I mean it really is the greatest thing on the face of this earth. Normally throughout the day I have to steal kisses, but in the morning we get up and she actually kisses me. You know it's just one of those things that makes your heart explode with joy it is so sweet.

Just wanted to write a little, I hope that you all enjoy it. Todd>>>>

Monday, May 15, 2006


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Everyday is now a journey

I hope everyone has enjoyed the new video that I posted this past weekend, I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails that we have received over the past couple of days, your words have been very kind. We continue to be amazed daily at the progress that Alexandria is making, we now have a baby that is crawling, pulling herself up, eating table food and so on. Our concerns over whether or not she will be delayed are slowly fading away. The whole food thing has us amazed, she just doesn't seem to have any interest in baby food anymore, the doctor says that this is fine as long as she eats good and continue to put on weight. I'm thinking about buying this kid a rack of ribs, she loves to eat when we sit down at the dinner table. I didn't think that she would ever start crawling, I figured she would go straight to walking, well she proved me wrong there and is now becoming very mobile and I don't know if we are really ready for "Mobile baby" or not? Faye is really enjoying the whole mom thing and I am so happy, I see the early on frustration of being a new parent slowly fading in both of us, we just had to get used to the fact that everything takes a lot longer when you have a baby. I guess we just didn't realize how much time kids take.

The big count down is on for me I leave for Vegas here in a few days, the only downfall is that Faye will have to be a single mom for the days I am gone in addition to the fact that I have to work the days leading up and as soon as I get back. I think it is something like 11 straight days, sorry honey!!!! I'll make it up to you some day. All I can think about is VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY, I'm really excited to get out of here for a couple of days.

I will be posting some more pictures here in the couple of days, we have a back log of pictures that we want to share, I just don't have the time to get them posted, but I try my best. So let me get to picutre posting, I know that is what you really want and I will write again soon. Todd>>>>

Saturday, May 13, 2006


You know that my video editing skills aren't all that, but this is what I have come up with so far. Sorry the video quality isn't the best, but it is free and that is what running a blog is all about - FREE!!! I only have the gotcha day portion done, I am working on the trip video but that will take a while and probably won't be posted, entirely too much for this blog, but who knows. Sorry that I haven't written much, busy getting this video done and working and appointments and anything else that I haven't been able to get done here lately. We are continuing to post pictures though and that is the most important thing now isn't it. I am having trouble getting the movie to work over on the side bar, the link isn't working right and I have no idea why, but as soon as I get the link up I will be removing it from this posting, it messes up the blog page as many of you may notice (never mind I fixed it), all of the links and stuff that used to be up here at the top is now all the way down at the bottom on the right. Well I really do have to get ready for work, I will talk to you all later. Todd>>>> ENJOY!!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pictures (never enough)

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy 1 Month Anniversary Alexandria Grace


It truly is hard to believe that it has been a month already, it sure does go fast, now I have to believe what everyone else says. Alexandria is a blessing and really is very special, she has brought love to our lives like I have never imagined. Everyday it is something new and a bunch of new experiences, some good, some bad. What seemed like eternity is now reality and we are just so happy that you have come into our lives. We love you so much, and look forward to all the months to come. Love, Mommy and Daddy>>>>

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Friday, May 05, 2006

More photos from Faye!!!!!

Waffles with blackberry jam, we are winning the messy face competition. Have photos send them.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just a few more

We had a couple of pictures left over from yesterday and we took a few more today when our friend Kim and her daughter Erica came over to meet Alexandria. Kim will be babysitting Alex when Faye and I have to both work on Mondays and Fridays. Alexandria had fun with Erica, she was helping Alex walk around the house. Just wanted to get some more photos on here. Todd>>>>
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The Princess

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A day at the zoo

Our first trip to the Columbus zoo and aquarium as a family, and what a georgous day it was. Alexandria had fun and really paid attention. She really seemed to enjoy seeing the manatees and all the other fish at the aquarium. We spent about 3 hours at the zoo where we had lunch and saw a few exhibits, we didn't want to over do it with her so we made it a short trip. Figuring she would be exhausted we brought her home after a couple hours and what is she doing??? Sitting up there babbling not wanting to sleep, I guess the ride home was more than enough, but I'm going to let her go for at least a half hour and see if she goes to sleep. Had a good day just wanted to post a couple of pics. Todd>>>>

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