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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Someone is having a birthday tomorrow

Alexandria Grace will be 1 tomorrow, we did celebrate her birthday this past Sunday, and a good time was had by all, we appreciate everyone who came to the party, sorry we had to keep it somewhat small, due to lack of room. Hopefully next year will be a bigger event, this year had to be reduced due to the fact that I just ripped the deck off the house in hopes of getting a new one built.

Alex got all kinds of gifts and really seemed to enjoy her first cupcake with icing. The rest of us had a picnic style buffet and cake. We also got a few donations to start her up a college fund, which I will be setting up hopefully tomorrow on her real birthday. It is so hard to believe that we are already celebrating her first birthday, it seems like yesterday she was handed to us and she was barely 9 months old. She continues to grow and learn faster than I could have ever imagined, it does make me a little sad to see her growing up so fast, but at the same time I really enjoy seeing her learn things that we are teaching her(some things I wish she would forget). Being a dad is great, everything I had imagined plus some.


Happy Birthday Alexandria
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