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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ever try to hang a shower curtain with a 20 month old standing there?

OK so she isn't exactly 20 months old yet, but she will be tomorrow. Wow what an event, not only does she think that your playing a game, but she also thinks that you are trying to leave her at the same time. You know you normally have to get in the tub side of hanging a shower curtain, well once I started putting it up, Alex turned it into a game, well then I asked her to leave the curtain alone and she really started freaking out. Then to calm the freaking out, out I started playing peek-a-boo with her and then she started pulling on the curtain again. Remind me to never hang a new liner with my 20 month old standing right there. I think nap time might be a more appropriate time for something like that.
Well we have finally got the runny nose under control thanks to pedia care decongestant & cough. I just don't think that Tylenol is getting the job done. I really think that pedia care decongestant is the better product, maybe it's because you have to get it from the pharmacy now, you know it has the stuff they make meth with, kind of a shame now it is harder to get the medicine you need because of the dope heads. What dope head figured out that an ingredient in cold medicine is one of the main ingredients in crystal meth??
Poor little thing is sick and I hate to see her like this, but you know what even when she is sick she is good, I just feel bad knowing that she is sick and doesn't understand. Maybe tomorrow she will wake up and be all better. Todd>>>>


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