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Friday, March 31, 2006

YES!!!!! No more work for about 3 weeks

Next stop for this ol'boy CHINA. Last night was it for work for about the next 3 weeks and then it's all about the weekend shift. I figured I would take all of next week off so we could really be prepared (is anyone ever??) and make sure we have EVERYTHING we need. We fly out Wednesday morning for Chicago and then on to Beijing, China, I am really excited but I am becoming more nervous than excited. Will I be a good dad?, will I know what to do when the time gets here? I really don't want to look like a fool and that is why I have a wife, blame everything on her. Honey she did a dooty, your turn to hold her, I have never changed a diaper in my life (and no I don't want to change your childs diaper). Looking forward to some of the tours while in Beijing, cannot wait to see the Great wall, always wanted to go there and now I finally have the chance. I know I know how could I look forward to anything when Sunday April 9th we will get our daughter? Well lets sum it up like this we will be in Beijing for three days in a 5 star hotel, hopefully eating some really good food (the wife will let me know if I will like it or not; she's the taster). We get to go on some really cool tours and it is our last couple of days of it being just us (after 12 years were pretty used to one another). I plan on fully enjoying them and I really want to make the most of this trip, this will probably be my first and last time going to China. I am finding the older that I am getting the less I like to fly, I think it's the nerves. What an exciting day the 9th will be, I will have 2 digital cameras and a video camera with me and I hope I can control my emotions and get some good photos and some good video, thats all I need is a ton of video with me blubbering like a baby, now don't get me wrong I know I will probably do some crying but I have to maintain my composure I have a life time of pictures and videos to get. Just simply looking forward to that day. Well just got off work and need some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's Todd>>>>

Saturday, March 25, 2006

We have our travel itinerary

5 April 2006 Depart for China (Beijing)
6 April 2006 Arrive Beijing stay @ Kuntai Royal Hotel (3 nights)
9 April 2006 Depart Beijing to Guangzhou stay @ White Swan hotel (6 nights)
****This is the same day we will meet our baby****

10 April 2006 Civil affairs bureau to complete adoption registration
12 April 2006 Have visa picture taken and medical exam
14 April 2006 Have the group - oath taken at the U.S. consulate
15 April 2006 Guangzhou to Hong Kong - Hong Kong to Ohio

Now how is that going to be for effiency, we are going to be in and out in 10 days. We consider ourselves lucky to have gotten in this early, we weren't expecting to head for China until the third or forth week in April. We only got stuck with one night of the trade show rate at the White Swan hotel and it is costing us $300 for one night. Thanks again for the proactive folks at FTIA for getting us in there early, were all in a hurry to meet our babies. Todd>>>>

More offficial baby shower #1 pictures

More photos

Official Baby Shower #1

Grandma Winnie threw Faye her first of three baby showers. We drove up to Willard, OH for the first one which was held at the Varsity Club and what a great time I hope was had by all, there were sandwiches, pasta salad, a veggie tray, cake and punch. We got tons of stuff and I wish I could post it all here but it would take forever and I have a baby to get ready for. So here are some of the highlights and we once again appreciate everyones support of Faye and I at this very special time in our lives. Thanks Todd>>>>

Friday, March 24, 2006

Baby shower stuff>>>>

Here are some photos of some of the great items that Faye and I have received for our baby shower. Thanks to Cate in California for the Bohemian/natural looking tops from La La Ling ( Also thanks to our friends Mike and Hope for the adorable outfits, these are all items that were sent in due to not being able to attend the baby showers, they got us some really great thing and we truely appreciate it. P.S. The sparkley jeans was just to show the shirt off, Faye bought those yesterday out shopping with Denise.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who's going to CHINA???? TODD IS....

Well I don't know weather to jump for joy or panic, I just got word that we will be traveling on the 5th of April. I cannot believe it, we will be meeting our daughter in about two weeks, which is actually about two weeks earlier than I had planned. I just wanted to say thanks to FTIA (our adoption agency) for being proactive on this issue with the trade show and sliding us in there early. Also wanted to say thank you to everyone for your encouraging words and support over the last couple of months it has meant a lot to Faye and I. We look forward to closing this chapter of our lives and starting a new one with our daughter Alexandria. Have to get ready for work will write soon Todd>>>>

Get them bags packed GIRL! Were going to CHINA!

Nothing is ever firm until it is FIRM, but it is looking like they are bumping our travel up and we may be going to China as early as the first week in April. There is a big trade show coming up in China towards the end of April and I believe they are having difficulty getting hotel rooms. So what does that mean for us? WE GET TO GO GET OUR BABY! Like I said nothing is in stone yet but keep your fingers crossed, were ready to get out of here and go become parents. They are looking at the beginning of April around the 4th or 5th and having us back around the 15th and that really makes me and the wife happy. Looks like we will be staying at the White Swan hotel the whole time which I think is a good thing, the only problem I see is that we may not have a chance to see the great wall of China which would be a real bummer. But who needs a wall when you could have this baby, who knows what will happen? Faye and I now have to kick our preperations into high gear because we have been lolly gaging and doing a little here and there. Wanna talk about motivation, well this is it. We will be having our baby showers over the next two weekends which will slow us up a little but we will be ready. Wish us luck Todd>>>>

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Really quick

I read on someones blog or group web site about a guy that does photography in a section titled "Some babies come by plane" These are some of the best pictures I've seen and what a great section to have in your gallery. I figure some of you may have seen this already, but if you haven't seen this yet go take a couple of minutes and see these beautiful children. I would love to one day have pictures of this quality taken but don't know if I can afford it. Looks like this guy will come to where ever you are and take pictures. Anyhow was just thinking about this and thought I would share. Time for me to hit the hay Todd>>>>

http://www.davidclapp.comclick here

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No excuses

Just been busy, trying to ge the babies room done, working like a horse. Very excited got our visa's back today which will hopefully make us one step closer to getting our travel squared away. So looking forward to meeting our little girl, I hope she is doing well. This is about the only thing that sucks, she is there and we are here, not much we can do about that. Trying to get packed as much as we can, not making much headway though. Will write soon Todd>>>>

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Favorite Blogs section

Look over to the right and you will find my new "Favorite Blogs" section, these are blogs of people that have adopted from China or will be adopting from China soon. These as far as I am concerned are some of the best web blogs out there and they are updated often. Check in often and see new photos or adoption updates. "Do they have salsa in China" is becoming my CNN for adoption news, Mary keeps a great blog, with many updates and even has a "rumors" section. Looking for the latest adoption rumors, check in with Mary @ do they have salsa and find out. Gotta go get visa photos taken, check in later Todd>>>>

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We have officially accepted our referral

Besides who could say no to a face like that? We absolutely love her, and cannot wait to finally meet. I never imagined such a beautiful baby for us, she is perfect 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, not a lot of hair though. After receiving her paperwork we still didn't see an updated weight. Well just go with the whole 12 pounds thing and say she is a happy healthy baby. Thank you for all of you kind remarks, and once again congratulations to all the new referral parents. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I know some of you have personally emailed me, I work 3rd shift and it is hard to get to mail, so please be patient and don't give up on me just yet, I will try and return everyones emails. I have offically been up for about 26 1/2 hours and I am going to bed, today wasn't a fun day. LATER TODD>>>>
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