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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

WE went trick or treating around our neighborhood. Alex the Ladybug was a big hit. She seemed to like trick or treating. She was waving to everyone and blowing them kisses. The only person she didn't like was a guy with a skeleton mask on. She pulled her pumpkin candy holder away faster than you could say boo. He took his mask off and then she was blowing him kisses. too funny.

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Just had to quickly jump on here before everyone thinks I've forgotten them, I don't mean to be so distant between blogs, but hey you know what it happens. Doesn't look like it is going to be a good night for trick or treaters, it is very cool and rainy here in central Ohio. We are really wanting to at least put Alex in the cutest little halloween outfit and take a couple of snapshots, but well see about that.
Alex here lately is really becoming attached to her mommy, sure sometimes it makes me feel bad that she wants her mommy so bad, but the issue I have with it is this: Normally she is really good for me when it is just her and I, well when Faye is home Alex wants to be where ever mommy is and until she gets her way she will just throw fits. Well sometimes it isn't possible for her to be with mommy and I get aggravated when all she does is screams and cries until Faye comes downstairs. This seperation anxeity is becoming nuts, we were at the mall buying a couch today and there were things that Faye needed to do, well when I would try and walk off with Alex she would go into fits until I brought her back to Faye. Now if Faye is no where to be seen she is just fine. Just don't know what to do about this whole thing, will she out grow it soon???
She is really learning by leaps and bounds, don't know if I told you last time I blogged that this girl has a mouth full of teeth now. I don't know if there are any left to come in or not. When this girl smiles, she smiles.
Most days I really think that she is getting bored with her toys and surrounding, I like when we take her out because it gives her new surroundings and thing to look at and play with. Looking forward to Christmas, this will give us some new things to play with at least until spring gets here and we can play outside. We cannot wait to take Alex to the mall so she can sit on Santa's lap and tell him "Ho HO HO" she is getting good. Looking forward to seeing her open gifts at Christmas time. Todd>>>>

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A beautiful autumn day

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

some more good ones

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some of Mommy's favorite pics

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A few more cute pics of Our Little Buckeye

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Things mommy loves about Alex

Alex is learning new things by leaps and bounds. Every day is something new. She never ceases to amaze me. Here are some of her new things that I think are so adorable.
1. Whenever she does something and I say good girl she will clap for herself.

2. I ask her what Santa Claus says and she says "hhh hhh hhh" (her ho ho ho is getting better every day.

3. I ask her how old she is and she touches her pointy finger to mine and I say your one and she laughs.

4. when she is done with breakfast I ask her what she wants now and she signs milk very insistently

5. when she does something bad and I am reprimanding her she leans toward me and wants to give me kisses. too cute

6. when you ask her if shes dancing she starts bobbing her head and shaking her booty.

7. she is saying ma, da da, dog dog, eyes, Scott, pop pop, na na, yes. She also signs milk, all done, more and we are working on please and thank you.

8. if you ask her if she wants something she will say yes and shake her head yes very emphatically.

9. she is becoming very independent. she wants out of the grocery cart so she can push it herself. she understands so much. She will throw something away, she will get a book, she will sit in her chair all if you tell her to.

10. she knows where her nose, eyes, ears, hair, bellybutton, toes, knees, teeth,and tongue are.

11. she is really starting to like books. she will get one and sit in your lap and let you read to her (for a few minutes at least)

12. today I was listening to the OSU game and they scored a touchdown. I threw up my arms and said "Touchdown" and she threw up her arms too so I kept saying touchdown and she kept throwing up her arms.

She is our little angel. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She is very loving. Just thought I would give you an update on her progress and post a few more pictures. The one in her swimsuit is from the summer but I just thought it was too cute.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More pics from our trip

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Here's the pictures

Sorry here are the picutes, I don't know what is going on with blogger and it's failure to load pictures half the time. Sorry, Todd>>>>
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We're back!

How's it going everyone? Faye, Alex and I just got back from visiting the east coast. We spent the last few days visiting our friends that live over in Delaware and Fayes brother and girlfriend that live in Maryland. We had a really good time and we want to congratulate our friends Denise and Eric on the birth of their brand new daughter Isabelle. Isabelle was born on the 7th and is quite the little bundle of joy for them, congratulations once again Denise and Eric.
After a brief visit over to Delaware we drove back to Maryland (We landed at BWI) we decided to move in with Faye's brother Scott and girlfriend Tracey for a few days. Alex was very good for the most part, but come on she's almost 16 months old. She was into everything and that makes it kind of hard since Scott and Tracey have no kids, you know what I am talking about, she was into everything that she shouldn't have been into.
We had a good time visiting, we played games, went out to the local malls and ate. By "ATE" I mean we went to Wet Willys and had Blue Crabs and they were excellent, we miss blue crabs since we no longer live on the east coast, so the only time we get them is when we go over and visit. If you live on the east coast you know what I am talking about, if you don't then you are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about. Visit google if you want to really know or you can call someone on the east coast and they will explain things to you.
Anyhoo, just wanted to jump on here and let everyone know that we are back and post a few pics. Todd>>>>

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I really tried to post yesterday, but I was too pooped

All I wanted to do yesterday was get on here and wish our Alex a happy 6 month anniversary, but I was wiped out. But today will be just as good. Hard to believe that it has been only 6 months, it really does seem like she has been with us forever. I was looking back through the pictures earlier and I really just cannot belive that she has only been in our lives for 6 little months, and boy has it gone by pretty fast.
She is getting so big (Oh yeah she finally hit 20lbs.) and she is just so smart. Still not talking other than "DOG DOG", come on girl give us something else, no cussing.
This child likes to sleep, we are still taking 2 naps a day, at least when I have her, no real problems putting her down. She sleeps all night also. She is really gaining an opinion on what she is eating, but still pretty much eats everything that we put in front of her. (speaking of naps, she just woke up)
Well I just wanted to jump on here real quick and say "Happy 6 month Alex" mommy and daddy love you so much. Todd>>>>

Thursday, October 05, 2006

You know what? We already have our pot of gold.

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Look at me MOMMY!

Do I approve of this? NO I don't, but Faye caught her standing in her high chair - again. No matter how tight I tighten her lap belt, she manages to squirm out of it and stand up. I guess she didn't learn when she fell out of her crib. I really try and keep an eye on her now, but normally I am doing the dishes and I will look over and there she stands. Oh well they made for some cute photos. Todd>>>>
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