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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hello from Columbus, Ohio

Sorry I have to introduce myself again, I have just joined a blog that hosts other adoption blogs and I felt it necessary to re-introduce myself. My name is Todd and my wife is Faye and we are in the WAITING stage of our adoption, we officially began our journey in October 2004. We are pretty sure we will see our referal in the November time frame and will probably travel sometime in late December or early January. This will be our first and possibly only child so this is a very special time for the both of us. We are working really hard trying to complete the babies room, but we have hit this road block of overtime at work and traveling (Faye is in Dover, DE. right now visiting her friends) and our next big venture will be Las Vegas, NV. After that it will be time to crack down and get all the small stuff we have been ignoring finished. It is an absolute treat meeting all the other adoptive families out there, you never realize how many other people are adopting children until you start your adoption process. Anyhow I just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping in and reading. Todd
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