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Friday, April 27, 2012



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alex likes her new hat (she put it on like this)

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The last photo is Alex's version of casual dining. She is too funny.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our Computer Whiz

She is totally obsessed with the computer. She can climb up in to that chair faster than anything you have ever seen. She loves to push buttons she loves to watch the screen. She is just fascinated by it.

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Daily Adventures

Alex is doing and learning new things everyday. She never ceases to amaze me at her untiring energy. You have to watch her every single second or she is in to something you don't want her to be. Hence the picture to the left, she was quiet for 30 seconds and I peek around the corner and this is what I found. She loves to unroll toilet paper. She laughs and laughs.

She loves to dance. She has started dancing in circles and doing ring around the rosy.

She has started to take our hands to lead us to where she wants to go.

She is starting to talk a little more. She said some version of "sunshine" yesterday. When daddy got home tonight she said very clearly "HI". If you ask her to repeat words she will usually try.

She loves Dora. She says Dora all the time. She recognizes her at the store.

If she sees a picture with mommy or daddy in it she will tell you who it is.

She will follow commands like nobody's business. If you tell her to do 2 or 3 things she can do them all.

She loves mommy to sing to her and she will clap for me when I am finished.

She is still signing alot. She will tell you when she is hungry, tired, thirsty, wants more of something, wants you to sing to her.

If she acts like something is hurting and you ask her where it hurts she will point to that area (usually it is her teeth-- those 2 yr molars)

If you ask her if she wants to sit on the big girl potty- she cries and runs away (needless to say, I think that means she is not ready to potty train) But she is very interested in the toilet and what is in it.

She has an adorable giggle and just the best smile (as you can see from the pictures). She is my most precious angel.

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Chinese New Year

We took Alex to her first Chinese New Year last Sunday. She looked adorable but was a bit crabby. The nap schedule was messed up so she didn't really get one. We met some really nice people, won some good prizes, ate yummy food and got to see our first lion dance. Here are a few pictures. They aren't great because our subject would not look at us or smile hardly at all.

Most all of the kids there had on their Chinese silks but Alex was the big trendsetter. Tunics are big this year, so Mommy thought since it was cold out we would do our Chinese dress over jeans. We got lots of good comments from everyone. I am sure next year it will be all the rage.

We also got a ton of comments on Alex's curly hair. Only one other little girl (Gia) had curls. Everyone seemed very fascinated by it.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

SAY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ever try to hang a shower curtain with a 20 month old standing there?

OK so she isn't exactly 20 months old yet, but she will be tomorrow. Wow what an event, not only does she think that your playing a game, but she also thinks that you are trying to leave her at the same time. You know you normally have to get in the tub side of hanging a shower curtain, well once I started putting it up, Alex turned it into a game, well then I asked her to leave the curtain alone and she really started freaking out. Then to calm the freaking out, out I started playing peek-a-boo with her and then she started pulling on the curtain again. Remind me to never hang a new liner with my 20 month old standing right there. I think nap time might be a more appropriate time for something like that.
Well we have finally got the runny nose under control thanks to pedia care decongestant & cough. I just don't think that Tylenol is getting the job done. I really think that pedia care decongestant is the better product, maybe it's because you have to get it from the pharmacy now, you know it has the stuff they make meth with, kind of a shame now it is harder to get the medicine you need because of the dope heads. What dope head figured out that an ingredient in cold medicine is one of the main ingredients in crystal meth??
Poor little thing is sick and I hate to see her like this, but you know what even when she is sick she is good, I just feel bad knowing that she is sick and doesn't understand. Maybe tomorrow she will wake up and be all better. Todd>>>>

Monday, February 19, 2007

When will the runny nose END????

This poor girl has had a runny nose now for a few days and the decongestant just isn't working. I feel sorry for her everytime I have to sit here and wipe that poor little nose, I just know from the looks of things that it must be hurting something terrible. She woke up this morning to the crustiest upper lip I have ever seen, nothing like starting your day off with a nice little face washing. Now just for the record, she really is tolerant to me punishing her in the morning washing the cement crusted boogers off her face, just a little fit at a time, honey.
I sit here trying to type this and she is getting into everything, she just brought me her lotion and I had to stop and lather her up, the girl is turning into a lizard in this cold weather. Nothing like a little "Grins & Giggles" lotion to smooth things out. I really like the smell also.
Alex is really trying to be good, she is growing like a weed, still not talking, don't know what the malfunction is but everyone is telling me to not get my drawers all bunched up, she will talk all in due time.
Loving fatherhood, nothing like I imagined, it's better than ........EVERYTHING. Believe me we have days, but for the most part I wouldn't trade it for anything. Nothing like being woke up in the morning hearing your daughter yelling DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just keep waiting for her to say DADDY, this is what I want to hear. I try just about everyday to get her to add those two letters to DAD, no such luck. I guess I will keep her anyhow.
We still have the sleeping champion, this girl loves to sleep, I know if we adopt again, we will never have another that likes to sleep like this one does. Yes she still sleeps from 8P - 8A and takes 2 naps a day, I think she sleeps about 15 - 16 hours a day. No, we don't medicate just in case you think we do. When she is awake, she is full speed, there is very little time that she isn't moving. Well have to go time to go do some Dora or Doodlebops. Todd>>>>

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Alex, Elmo and Ice cream

We got Alex this cute Elmo that talks, knows her name and all her favorite things. As you can see from the pictures, she loves him very much.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

more snow pictures

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Snow Days

Here are some pictures of my darling girl reading her book and playing in the first snow she has ever seen. She was absolutely mesmorized by it. I tugged her around in the sled that Grandma Linda got her for Christmas and she was loving it. When I took her in she kept pulling at my hand to go back out. And of course, she who puts everything in her mouth ate the snow (I told her to look out for yellow snow and don't eat that --- wink wink). She loved it outside and daddy doesn't work tomorrow so he can take her out again.
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Been a while hasn't it?

Well don't worry all, I am alive and well and loving life with my daughter. I was burnt out writing on the blog, but I have been itching about getting on here and doing some writing. I just got tired about writing about the same old things and I will probably sit here and write about the same old things, but what the heck its been awhile since you have heard them.
Happy new year first of all, we entered the new year without any bumps and after a great 2006, I am hoping for an even better 2007, it is so hard to believe that we have had little miss Alex for 9 months, but yes it is true. She is a walking, talking, eating, running, get in to everything machine. It is truly amazing how far she has come in the past nine months. We walked into parent hood and hardly missed a beat, yes there is a little learning curve when you start out with a 9 month old, but we worked through it just fine.
Faye is really trying to get me out and get into some baby activity during the week and we are looking at some classes hosted by Gymboree, I don't know though, do you really want me out there with all them single mommies, this girl gets some attention now. I don't know. Faye would also like me to look into some swimming lessons at the YMCA, now that is probably going to be more my speed, I really want to look no but I would prefer to wait until the weather starts breaking so I don't have to take Alex swimming and then out into a cold car.
We have had some MINOR discussions about possibly adopting another, I am on the fence, but Faye is ready to move ahead full steam. I just don't know and I refuse to get too far into it until I know for sure. Some days I do and some days I am perfectly happy with the one I have, is there anything wrong with that?
Work has been going good, we signed our new contract a couple weeks ago which means I will have a pretty secure job hopefully for the next five years. This is one of the things that was kinda putting me over the edge about adopting again, as many of you know it's not a cheap venture. Well worth the money but not cheap.
Alex still isn't talking which had me worried, but the doc says she is just fine, she likes to do sign language vs. talk and this girl is a signing machine some days. The doc let us know that she should start really talking here in the next 2 months and if not then we can start worrying. You know it is just kind of odd that there are some girls that came out of the same orphanage and are about the same age as Alex and they are talking with 3 word sentences, this is really what has worried me. Just makes me feel like I am doing something wrong sometimes. Glad I have a good doctor that reassured me that everything is fine.
Alex absolutly loves the doodle bops and I think that it is funny watching how excited she gets when they come on in the morning. Yes I have come to the conclusion that watching these shows in the morning really isn't hurting anything. Alex dances, claps, bounces up and down if sitting on my lap, this cannot be that bad of a thing. I know all the experts say that you shouldn't let your child watch TV until they are 2, but what do they know? I don't have the energy to sit and play with Alex 16 hours a day, and I think that she really is learning from the show. Like I said earlier, we really need to get into some other activities other than going to the mall and sitting here at the house watching TV.
Looking forward to the weather breaking in the spring so we can get outside and try that brand new wagon and tri-cycle that nana and pop-pop got Alex. Well I have some chores that need doing, so I will write again soon. Todd

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is it summer yet?

I know it has been mild here in Ohio but we are ready for flip flop weather. Here are a few things we have done to pass the time.

My friend Stephanie and I took our girls to the mall and got their pictures taken. We had a lot of fun and the pictures turned out so cute. This is the collage that I plan on hanging in Alex's room. Notice--- little Miss Audrey has on her "squeaky" shoes we got for her when we were in China. She loves them.

Daddy said no makeup until she's older. Is toenail polish makeup? I don't think so!!! Alex was so cute-- she was so still and let me paint those toes right up. I think she is going to be a girly girl.

Alex playing peek a boo around the door. She was belly laughing doing this. I love her laugh. It makes me laugh.

This is her new easel with the magnetic numbers and letters. It is never to early to start those ABC's

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

pretty girl

Just experimenting with the picture program on the computer. Isn't this pretty? I love B&W.
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cute girl

Just a few pictures of our girl. She really doesn't like getting her picture taken that is why I have so many shots looking down or sideways. I take them anyway in hopes of getting a cute shot. Sometimes she will cheese the camera for me but not often. Hope everyone had a great New Year. We didn't do much. In fact, we were in bed at 10 pm. Oh well, that's what happens when you have an 18 month old. I joined the local chapter of Families that Adopted from China so I am hoping we get to meet some other adopted babies and go to some playgroups. Of course I will post pictures when that happens.
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pink Baby Gorilla

Just wanted to share these pictures of Alex. My brother sent her this furry pink coat for Christmas. Isn't she cute? We went to the mall today and she got quite a bit of attention. Thank you Uncle Scott and Aunt Tracey for all the cute clothes.
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