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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pink Baby Gorilla

Just wanted to share these pictures of Alex. My brother sent her this furry pink coat for Christmas. Isn't she cute? We went to the mall today and she got quite a bit of attention. Thank you Uncle Scott and Aunt Tracey for all the cute clothes.
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Christmas with Nana and Pop Pop

Alex opening presents with Nana

Alex on her new tricycle that Nana and Pop Pop got for her.

A sweet sleeping angel.
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Christmas morning with Mommy and Daddy

Alex loved opening her presents. She loved the bows and boxes too.
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more Christmas pictures

Cousin Polly sure loves Alex and Carson

Grandma, Papoo, Mommy and Alex

Alex decided she wanted to "help" Mommy make chocolate mousse. By the time she was finished she had it all over her. I had to give her a bath. I got some cute video footage of her stirring with the spatula and beaters. She was loving that chocolate.

Alex has become addicted to cookies and candy in the last 3 days. That is all she wants so it is back to fruits and vegetables tomorrow. In almost all the Christmas pictures, she has some kind of cookie or candy in her mouth. She will do anything for M&M's. She will sign, give kisses, give hugs, say please. It is too funny.
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas with Grandma Winnie and Grandpa Joe

We also went to Grandma Winnie's and Grandpa Joe's house on Christmas Eve. Alex had a great time playing with all her cousins. As you can tell from the picture that there were alot of them. We actually got them to pose for this picture and for about 5 minutes no one was crying or trying to get away. Great Grandma Dodo and Papoo are posing with them.
Alex really didn't like Santa much this year. She would blow him kisses and wave but didn't want to sit on him lap at all.
3 generations. (Mommy, Alex, and Grandma Winnie)
Alex liked opening presents. She liked ripping the paper.
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Christmas with Grampa Jim

Alex and Mommy went to Grandpa Jim's to celebrate Christmas. Aunt Kate and Aunt Hannah were there and Alex had fun playing with her cousin Mariah. Mariah would be the superstar looking cutie in the sunglasses. We also had fun with Wendy. We want to thank everyone for the wonderful presents and Grandpa Jim and Wendy the food was yummy.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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Christmas lights

Our neighbors had a little get together on their patio the other night. They put up over 30,000 lights in their backyard. It was so pretty. We were experimenting a little with our camera. Thank you Bob and Karen.
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Our Girl

We haven't blogged in a while so I thought I better put on some pictures.
These are of a typical morning at our house. Alex was wanting her breakfast.
Spence (the dog dog as Alex calls him) is never far away from her when she is eating. I think she hands him food when I am not looking. He has been great with her. He lets her climb all over him and she is constantly kissing him.
Alex loves her bath. She puts the letters and numbers on the wall.
Look how long that hair is when it isn't curly. Too cute
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