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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alex likes her new hat (she put it on like this)

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The last photo is Alex's version of casual dining. She is too funny.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our Computer Whiz

She is totally obsessed with the computer. She can climb up in to that chair faster than anything you have ever seen. She loves to push buttons she loves to watch the screen. She is just fascinated by it.

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Daily Adventures

Alex is doing and learning new things everyday. She never ceases to amaze me at her untiring energy. You have to watch her every single second or she is in to something you don't want her to be. Hence the picture to the left, she was quiet for 30 seconds and I peek around the corner and this is what I found. She loves to unroll toilet paper. She laughs and laughs.

She loves to dance. She has started dancing in circles and doing ring around the rosy.

She has started to take our hands to lead us to where she wants to go.

She is starting to talk a little more. She said some version of "sunshine" yesterday. When daddy got home tonight she said very clearly "HI". If you ask her to repeat words she will usually try.

She loves Dora. She says Dora all the time. She recognizes her at the store.

If she sees a picture with mommy or daddy in it she will tell you who it is.

She will follow commands like nobody's business. If you tell her to do 2 or 3 things she can do them all.

She loves mommy to sing to her and she will clap for me when I am finished.

She is still signing alot. She will tell you when she is hungry, tired, thirsty, wants more of something, wants you to sing to her.

If she acts like something is hurting and you ask her where it hurts she will point to that area (usually it is her teeth-- those 2 yr molars)

If you ask her if she wants to sit on the big girl potty- she cries and runs away (needless to say, I think that means she is not ready to potty train) But she is very interested in the toilet and what is in it.

She has an adorable giggle and just the best smile (as you can see from the pictures). She is my most precious angel.

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Chinese New Year

We took Alex to her first Chinese New Year last Sunday. She looked adorable but was a bit crabby. The nap schedule was messed up so she didn't really get one. We met some really nice people, won some good prizes, ate yummy food and got to see our first lion dance. Here are a few pictures. They aren't great because our subject would not look at us or smile hardly at all.

Most all of the kids there had on their Chinese silks but Alex was the big trendsetter. Tunics are big this year, so Mommy thought since it was cold out we would do our Chinese dress over jeans. We got lots of good comments from everyone. I am sure next year it will be all the rage.

We also got a ton of comments on Alex's curly hair. Only one other little girl (Gia) had curls. Everyone seemed very fascinated by it.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

SAY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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