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Monday, May 15, 2006

Everyday is now a journey

I hope everyone has enjoyed the new video that I posted this past weekend, I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails that we have received over the past couple of days, your words have been very kind. We continue to be amazed daily at the progress that Alexandria is making, we now have a baby that is crawling, pulling herself up, eating table food and so on. Our concerns over whether or not she will be delayed are slowly fading away. The whole food thing has us amazed, she just doesn't seem to have any interest in baby food anymore, the doctor says that this is fine as long as she eats good and continue to put on weight. I'm thinking about buying this kid a rack of ribs, she loves to eat when we sit down at the dinner table. I didn't think that she would ever start crawling, I figured she would go straight to walking, well she proved me wrong there and is now becoming very mobile and I don't know if we are really ready for "Mobile baby" or not? Faye is really enjoying the whole mom thing and I am so happy, I see the early on frustration of being a new parent slowly fading in both of us, we just had to get used to the fact that everything takes a lot longer when you have a baby. I guess we just didn't realize how much time kids take.

The big count down is on for me I leave for Vegas here in a few days, the only downfall is that Faye will have to be a single mom for the days I am gone in addition to the fact that I have to work the days leading up and as soon as I get back. I think it is something like 11 straight days, sorry honey!!!! I'll make it up to you some day. All I can think about is VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY, I'm really excited to get out of here for a couple of days.

I will be posting some more pictures here in the couple of days, we have a back log of pictures that we want to share, I just don't have the time to get them posted, but I try my best. So let me get to picutre posting, I know that is what you really want and I will write again soon. Todd>>>>


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