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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Just had to quickly jump on here before everyone thinks I've forgotten them, I don't mean to be so distant between blogs, but hey you know what it happens. Doesn't look like it is going to be a good night for trick or treaters, it is very cool and rainy here in central Ohio. We are really wanting to at least put Alex in the cutest little halloween outfit and take a couple of snapshots, but well see about that.
Alex here lately is really becoming attached to her mommy, sure sometimes it makes me feel bad that she wants her mommy so bad, but the issue I have with it is this: Normally she is really good for me when it is just her and I, well when Faye is home Alex wants to be where ever mommy is and until she gets her way she will just throw fits. Well sometimes it isn't possible for her to be with mommy and I get aggravated when all she does is screams and cries until Faye comes downstairs. This seperation anxeity is becoming nuts, we were at the mall buying a couch today and there were things that Faye needed to do, well when I would try and walk off with Alex she would go into fits until I brought her back to Faye. Now if Faye is no where to be seen she is just fine. Just don't know what to do about this whole thing, will she out grow it soon???
She is really learning by leaps and bounds, don't know if I told you last time I blogged that this girl has a mouth full of teeth now. I don't know if there are any left to come in or not. When this girl smiles, she smiles.
Most days I really think that she is getting bored with her toys and surrounding, I like when we take her out because it gives her new surroundings and thing to look at and play with. Looking forward to Christmas, this will give us some new things to play with at least until spring gets here and we can play outside. We cannot wait to take Alex to the mall so she can sit on Santa's lap and tell him "Ho HO HO" she is getting good. Looking forward to seeing her open gifts at Christmas time. Todd>>>>


  • At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Gillian said…

    I have a daughter who got seriously ill when she was an infant and was in and out of the hospital. She early on decided that the best defense was a good offense. She would scream when anyone in medical garb appeared. It took several years before she felt safe again. I think it a bit the same with your little one. A baby who fights and resists is a survivor. Babys who just withdraw when they are afraid and give up are in the most danger of not attaching or not recovering from trauma. Her reactions may seem out of proportion to you, but people who walked away from her before never came back. It is so great that she is willing to try to learn to trust people again. Moms usually never get to go to the bathroom alone, have to lug a kid to the laundry room and sit them in a basket while they load or unload -- all that is pretty normal for a baby who has not had any bad experiences.
    When she can trust one person completely than she will quickly trust more, but you have to offer unrelenting love and understanding until that happens.


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