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Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's official we're PARENTS!!!

Wow what a wild roller coaster ride that we have been on, well all of daddy's dreams came true in about 15 minutes today, little difficulty identifying her at first, she has so much hair, didn't recognize her. She came to Faye and I without a peep, couldn't believe that this day has finally come. The room where the exchange was made was hotter than you know what, and the poor child looked around for a couple of seconds and cuddled right up to mommy. Next thing that I knew she was sleeping on Faye's shoulder, she had no problem sleeping with either of us. I was truly amazed. The first peep she made was after we got back to the hotel and she started mumbling a little. Then came the first diaper change when we first got her back to the hotel room. We found out really quick that she didn't like being laid down at all. Faye is currently working on her sitting up skills and feeding her cheerio's, she feeds herself. She has four teeth (2 top, 2 bottom) Sorry jumping all over the placed. She drank about 4 Oz. of formula, took us a couple of tries to get the nipple open enough. I had to cut it open with scissors, but once we got it right she went to town. She is truly a blessing, the care giver told us that she isn't usually shy, and can be mischievious. We are so proud and we will see everyone once we get home and settled. Stay tuned I will write soon, by the way she has turned me into a big cry baby. Todd>>>>


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