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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some good, some bad

Well today we went to the great wall of China, and now I know why they call it great, that thing plain and simple whipped my a$$. I have never seen anything like it and I probably never will again unless someone puts steps on the grand canyon. What a sight, I really enjoyed that and we have plenty of video and film I hope. One of my two digital cameras crapped out on me, well not the camera, the xd picture card I think is baked, this is bad news due to the fact that I had about 100 pictures on the card I think, don't know what happened all I know is that it isn't working anymore. Bad thing due to the fact that it was a brand new card. Lucky for us they weren't baby pictures. I just hate the fact that if it happens once it can happen again. I have never had a problem with my camera or the cards, I will be taking it back when I get home if I can find the receipt. We also today went to the Summer house , it was pretty nice, but we were all kind of tired and really didn't want to be there, yes it was nice to see, but I am sure most of us would have rather come back to the hotel and just relaxed. Oh yeah before I forget, in between the great wall and the summer house we stopped at yet another tourist trap resturant/souviner shop and this is really getting old. According to our guide the Chinese people don't ever eat at these places and you know I really don't care if I ever eat at one again. It was completely a show and someone is getting a kick back from this whole thing. The souviner shop was a joke, totally overpriced and we still managed to buy a couple of things. We are getting ready for dinner and we have to get packed out for tomorrow, they will pick our bags up at 9:30pm tonight so I have to go and will write again soon. Todd>>>>


  • At 6:52 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    We would love to see the Great Wall and probably skip all the other things as well. When you talk about the tourist traps, I remember the Phillips Flagship Seafood in DC at the Waterfront by our old home. Bus after bus after bus for marginal food. However it is the way things need a place large enough that everyone can go, find something they will eat, and park the bus. Little neighborhood places just can't handle the traffic. Oh well. Soon it will be baby time!


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