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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sorry no phone calls from Beijing

Well good morning to everyone from Beijing, China. After about 4 hours of sleep I am wide awake and ready to go, we have been up since about 4AM (12 hour difference from Ohio). We are both hungry and looking forward to going to breakfast, it is a western style breakfast from what I understand so we shouldn't have any issues. After breakfast Faye and I are going to go to the supermarket for some bottled water, we couldn't go last night due to not being able to exchange money. It is very americanized around the hotel (McDonalds, pizza hut, KFC, Starbucks) but we still plan on getting out and seeing what Beijing is all about if we have time. Today we have scheduled tours, I am pretty sure that we are going to the Forbidden city, Tianiaman Square and probably lunch somewhere, should be interesting. Tomorrow we are going to see the Great wall of China, I am looking forward to seeing that and cannot wait, another couple with us said that it is quite the sight, they are here adopting their second child. All in all there are 8 couples, 7 of us traveled together and 1 couple arrived yesterday about 7 hours before us. As far as I know Faye and I are the only couple without children. Everyone is very nice and seem just as excited to meet their new additions even though they have children back home. We actually had one couple bring their 6 month old daughter, at first I wondered are they out of their minds, but in the end she was such a great traveler, and such a cutie. Funny thing about their situation is that the child they are adopting is actually older than Caroline (their 6 month old)so their adopted daughter is already a big sister. Kinda funny huh? Well it is time to go to breakfast so I will post again as soon as possible. Todd>>>>


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