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Friday, April 07, 2006

What a great day we are having here in Beijing

Once again posting some pictures from today, just a little taste, I think I have already taken about 100 pictures, and we still haven't gotten our baby. Oh yeah before I forget, I cannot read comments left on the blog due to the fact that I cannot see the blog, so if there is something really important that you want to tell me you will have to email me at and then I can e-mail you back. Having a really good time, breakfast was good, different but good. We attempted to get to the market after breakfast, but it didn't open until 9am and we were leaving for the forbidden city at 9am. Went to the forbidden city, it was nice took lots of pictures. The traffic was everything that you hear from everyone else that has been here: TERRIBLE, never heard so much horn honking in my life. I thought it was bad when I lived in Greece, they have nothing on this place. We went to lunch, it was OK at best, I tried most everything, but wonder if this is what real Chinese people eat. Kind of seemed like the typical tourist trap and that doesn't sit well with me. I don't want to experience China like that, take me to a real Chinese eatery without all the tourist and then we might have something. Got back to the hotel at about 2pm and walked over to the market that we tried to hit this morning, not like shopping at Meijer, hard to navigate, but once we figured it out seemed to go pretty smooth. We ended up buy 2 large bottle of water, a large bottle of Coca-cola and a kit kat bar for 13.55 Yuan which is less than 2 US dollars. The hotel rakes you for over 5 bucks if you buy it here. Sorry I know that I jump around, but there is so much to tell, really enjoying my time here. Tonight we are going to an acrobatic show, most people I have read their blogs say that it really isn't worth the time, but I have to go see for myself and I will let you know hopefully. Don't quite know what we are doing for dinner yet, should be interesting. Try and update before we go to bed. Todd>>>> Sorry for some reason I am having trouble loading the pictures, I will try and add them to my photobucket and maybe add them to the blog so you can see them there. Oh yeah we managed to find the starbucks first thing this morning, Faye was very happy but did say that it is different.


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