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Monday, April 10, 2006

She is officially ours...

Well we went and finished up our paperwork this morning and got some photos taken, which officially made her ours, didn't really need paperwork and photos to know that though. Well our baby is sick, she has an ear infection (major in one, minor in the other), a sty in one eye, trachoma in both, toncilitis, and bronchites, and after a doctors visit and a few dollars later we now have to torment our daughter (or should I say mommy)with all these medications and drops. For a sick child she sure has been awfully good. She is taking a nap at the moment along with mommy, mommy needs the nap, she is having a rough day with Alexandria being sick and all. Faye has been great and will make a great mommy, she does all the things that I am too nervous to handle even though I know she wishes I would help. I'm not doing too bad for being up since about 2:30 this morning, will have to try and take a nap here in a few.

Well I changed my first truely dirty diaper today if you know what I mean, Faye got the first course, I got the aftermath. I think I did a pretty good job, other than I wiped the wrong way, but I caught myself immediately (Jersey Girl). There is no doubt that this child is doing a dooty, she puts both hand on her little legs and goes to town, pretty funny to watch, the humor goes away after about 5 seconds when you realize that you have to change that messy diaper.

She loves cheerio's, don't think that she is too thrilled with the goldfish, maybe after her nap we will try again. She is a good eater, she had some congee this morning, don't know exactly what it is but it's kind of like oatmeal made with rice. She had a good bit of that at breakfast, it is available at the breakfast buffet. She ate a whole bottle of formula for lunch, first time she finished a whole serving at once, normally she will leave a little. Don't have to worry about feeding her those prunes, we took care of that as you read above.

Feels like we have been here for about a month already, cannot wait to get back home. We hope to get in some shopping either tomorrow or the day after, that will at least make Faye feel like she is back at home. Guangzhou, China is different than Beijing, China, it is very tropical here and Beijing was very much like Ohio other than the smog or what ever that was hanging over that city. It seems much more laid back here, you can tell that lots of americans roll though this hotel, it is much more american friendly than the hotel in Beijing. Still trying to figure out why the Chinese people cut in front of you when you are in line to buy something, board a plane, or pay a bill, I don't know if this is just how things operate here or if they are just being rude because of where you are from. It happens everywhere, 7-11, McDonalds, hotels, airports and I just don't understand it and to be honest it really gets my water boiling, but I just keep my cool and hopefully the person waiting the counter will notice and help the next person waiting in line and ignore the person that just cut in front of everyone.

Last note, if you come to China for an adoption and you think your child might use a pacifier, bring all sizes, there have been a few people in our group that have had small issues with that. We thought Alexandria used a pacifier at night, well all she does is chew on the sides, she doesn't use it as a normal baby uses a pacifier. We think the pacifier might be too big, she may have still been using a smaller (Infant) pacifier. Who knows. Well that about all my thought for now, everyone take care. Todd>>>>


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