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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh a night!!

Well it all began at about 2:30am this morning, she woke up hungry and we gave her a little bottle, about 4 oz. of which she drank about 3. We gave her a little diaper change and tried to lay her back down and that is when the night got a little longer. She didn't want to go back to sleep. She was checking to see if we would come and pick her up everytime she started crying. Well we did and that lasted for about an hour and a half, then I figured out if I laid in bed next to the crib and laid my hand on her belly she calmed down and eventually fell asleep. I have now changed 2 diapers offically and she is a wiggly worm, she won't sit still long enough for me to fasten the darn thing. I love her though in spite of her keeping me up a little longer than I would have like to been. She is such a miracle and she is still sleeping and it is 6am. Mommy is in the shower and I am just sitting here patiently waiting for her to wake up so I can see that beautiful smile. Sorry didn't get any pictures of the first bath, I was down stairs taking care of some paperwork. Faye said she didn't cry at all, she tried once but stopped. She seems to be taking to Faye and I both really well for the first night, she has no problem with either of us holding her and she will take a bottle from either of us also. She will make eye contact with both of us and she will look for Faye while I am holding her and vise versa. This is just too good for words, my heart melts everytime I see her smile. Today will be the real test though, I am sure she is still in shock and was just exhausted yesterday, we will see how she does today. We have to go get her passport photo taken, and have to go on I think a couple of interviews, should be fun. I don't think it is a long day I hope to be back here by about noon maybe 1pm. We have to be down stairs by about 8:40am. I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures and stories, I cannot express all the joy and happiness that your kind words mean to Faye and I and we do look forward to seeing you all soon. Keep the e-mails coming, we enjoy the communication. Todd>>>>


  • At 2:02 AM, Blogger Laurie Lichoff said…

    I am so happy for you guys!! It was a long time coming. Continue to enjoy every minute. You deserve it. Can't wait for you to arrive back here so we can see her!!!

  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger scribe said…

    Todd, Malcolm did the same thing for the first couple of nights we had Nathalie -- reached through the bars and held her hand!

    - Heather @ The Nathalie Blog


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