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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sorry about lack of photo's

I have no idea why my photo's aren't loading, I wish I could explain it but have no explanation. Blogger won't load them for some unknown reason and photo bucket is down for maintenance. This morning we had our red couch photos which was quite funny, has anyone ever had a sucessful red couch photo??? Will try and get the photo's posted but will probably not be for a couple of days when we are back home.

This is our last night and we have tons of packing and getting our stradagy together. I have already explained the flight situation, well that still hasn't gotten any better. We have to have our checked luggage ready for pick up at 9:30pm tonight and will have to live out of our carry on luggage for the next 24 hours. Really hoping everything goes smooth, but expecting the worst hoping for the best. We have to go to the U.S. Consulate today to finalize the whole adoption process, this will be our last official appointment before we leave. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and we will in due time. Please respect our request to wait until we get home and settled before visiting, we will be arriving home after a 20+ hour flight(s) and will more than likely all be tired and cranky. We will evaluate how Alexandria is doing and base her progress on how fast we get her into the introduction phase. Thanks everyone in advance for understanding this.

Have had a good time here in China, made some new friends and seen a culture first hand. All this traveling really makes you appreciate home all the more. I (once again) am very happy that our trip was only 10 days. We will miss some of the great people that we have met along this trip, but look forward to the reunions that we will hopefully have in the future. We will see everyone really soon and this will more than likely be my last post until we get home. Take care. Todd>>>>


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