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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Knock on wood, we walked into parenthood without too many problems

Bless Alexandria's little heart, for such a sick girl, she sure is awfully good. Faye told me "If she's this good sick, what is she going to be like when she isn't sick" I just cannot believe how good she has been. This morning she was a little fussy, but other than that she has been very good. We hope to get the whole ear infection cleared up before the flight home. I told Faye that I am hoping that she isn't saving it all up for the flight. We have her in a pretty good routine, she is napping right now, and then she goes to sleep at 8pm like clockwork. Last night was pretty good, even though Faye was up half the night. Faye is a little worried about her cough and seems to wake everytime she does. I on the other hand slept right through most of it, the only time I would wake up is when Faye would get up to check on Alexandria. Funny thing what she sleeps with, she likes to have just a plain old wash cloth, we think that is what they give the babies at the orphanage and it works like a champ, when she get tired she will take the wash cloth and rub her face with it and within minutes she is normally asleep. Seems the only time she wants it is when she is tired. I'm sure in at least one picture you have seen her with some colored rings, those have been a life-saver. She plays with them, throws them, and uses them as her teething ring. I find myself checking constantly to make sure we haven't lost them. I really hope we don't.

****Just got some great news from Faye, she came back from downstairs trying to comfirm our flight home, and looks like United has managed to seperate our seats, this is really no surprise. I told her not to worry, it will all work out. Our friends who booked an extra seat for their daughter have 3 seperate seat, really nice. I hope the flight attendants have time to monitor a 9 month old. If you ever fly UNITED BEWARE!!!! This isn't the first time that Faye and I have had problems with them, if anyone knows someone or works at United, have them hook us up and get the seating issue fixed. ****

Faye and I went shopping yesterday and managed to buy a little 20 dollar stroller, Alex really seemed to like it as long as we kept moving, she really didn't care when we would stop for long periods of time. We bought 1 silk dress for her and 6 pairs of squeaky shoes (different sizes) Faye thinks their cute, I could live without them, but they are supposed to encourage walking I think, what the heck I will give anything a try. Faye isn't much for haggling prices, and I am all about it, I got everything listed above for about 25 dollars, I think it is a pretty good price. Some of the shoes are very nice. We haven't really ventured out, we hope to later today and we hope to try some of the local resturants, there is suppose to be a Tai place that is excellent. Today we also went to the pearl market, which is their version of a mall, the only thing is, is that all they sell is pearl, coral, and any other type of stone that you could make necklaces and earrings out of. and there is about 5 or 6 floors of nothing but these shops (hundreds of stores) if you want to buy clothes you have to go to a different mall. Faye bought a strand of pearls necklace and earrings, she hopes to one day pass them to Alexandria. We also went to the Chan Family museum which was OK.

Tomorrow is the medical exam, should be a really fun time. We are on the down side of things now and should be home soon. Hope everyone is well. Will post again soon. Todd>>>>


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