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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just a quick tid-bit (going to bed I'm tired)

Had a good day, Alexandria was pretty fussy all day, she really did much better with Faye than me today. Did some shopping which made Faye happy. Went to the Buddist temple and Faye and the baby got blessed by the monk, it really was a neat time, they are different people that love what they do. Got some great pictures and we just really enjoyed ourselves. After that we went to another mall, kinda on the expensive side, we did buy a couple of items, nothing to really write home about though. Tonight we went and had dinner with our friends and boy was it one for the record books. We ate at a Thai resturant and the food was good, but when it got interesting was at the end of dinner, we thought they put both of our bills on the same check, well they didn't so we almost skipped on our check (not our fault the waiter told us everything was on one even though we were expecting two). Next our friend Matt attempted to knock a table through the wall after slipping in some water that Faye and Alexandria spilled on the floor. After that I decided to steal someone else's stroller by mistake, I made it about 50 feet outside the door then realized it. No harm, no foul. Well were not sure how well Alexandria's ear infection is coming along, she like I said earlier is fussy and she has been rubbing her ears more and more. Please let them heal before the flight. Well we are both truly tired and Faye is getting ready to call United Airlines and have it out over our seating arrangements. Well we will talk again soon, and look forward to getting home. Todd>>>>


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