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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's THURSDAY!!!!! OK only 2 more to go.

Today is not looking to be the best of days here in Guangzhou, the weather is very overcast, windy and cool. Looks like we will have to cover miss Alexandria up today. She is proudly sporting her Ohio State duds, only problem is everyone has been referring to her as a him (kinda strange since 97% of adoptions out of China are GIRLS). Anyhoo we don't have anything scheduled today until about 2:30pm and it is just about 9am. Today we woke up at almost 6am and we are now back down for a little nap, the benedryl that we have to give her is really causing her to be fussy and making her sleep. Cannot wait until she is over this congestion, she just sounds horrible in the morning, and that is a combination of her being sick and the air conditioning. Well we cannot turn off the a/c or we wouldn't be able to sleep, we try and keep it at a normal level but the hotel staff comes in and turns it all the way down when cleaning the rooms, I guess it is there way of trying to keep everyone comfortable. Last night was the first night we stayed out even remotly late (Ohhhh 8:30pm or 9pm) and when we got back to the room the beds had been turned down and everything was ready for us to climb into bed. Well we were so exhausted that we put Alexandria down and we went to bed, well when I woke up at 3am the room was FREEZING, I walked over and sure enough when they turned down the beds they turned down the a/c. Well normally I adjust it after they clean the rooms, well I didn't realize that they turned down the beds at night so it didn't dawn on me that they messed with the a/c again. Needless to say I will check it before going to bed tonight. Cannot wait to get home, as the time grow shorter, the hours grow longer.

Still no word on our airline situation, someone better fix it or there will be hell to pay for someone, because there are a lot of upset people with this situation. Hoping this baby will be as good on the airline as she has been so far this week. I don't mind a little fuss, I just hope it isn't a full blowen scream fest. I don't think that I can handle that for 12 hours. Please give me the quiet good baby on the flight, and let us all sleep for the biggest majority of it.

Well I'm a little tired, I may lay down and try and get me a little nap. Later Todd>>>>


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