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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well let me tell you when this girl gets up in the middle of the night she wants to play, she gets up and we give her a bottle and then it is on. She absolutely refuses to go back to sleep for at least a hour and a half. That will probably get old very quick. We had to pay another visit to the doctor yesterday afternoon, the poor little thing was constipated, I guess the day before was just a fluke. Faye couldn't take it anymore listening to her grunt and groan, the prunes and apple juice just weren't cutting it. Well about 30 minutes and 15 dollars later she came back to the room with mommy just smiling. Yes it was a sucessful doctors visit if you get my drift. She is overall looking, eating, and sleeping very well and this is making Faye and I very happy. This child is God's way of letting Faye and I know that we can handle parenthood. Living with a baby in a hotel is no fun, we are just thankful that our trip is only 10 days long, I couldn't imagine being one of those families that had to spend 17-18 days over here. We went and ate at a local resturant last night and it was not good, needless to say we will not be going back (Faye is in the background trying to tell me that it was good - yeah right) Well I only have time for this little tid-bit have to go get the baby ready and go get some breakfast. Todd>>>>

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