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Monday, February 20, 2006

My patience is running just a little bit thin

For those of you that have been waiting since May 2005, you know what I am talking about. You know the closer it gets the less patience I have, What should have been a long journey is turning into an extremely long journey and we just want our baby! My poor wife is waiting to have her baby shower, but until we know approx. how big she is going to be we really just feel we can't. Everyone is guessing but us, we have been buying little things here and there, but for the most part it is clearance items and we are buying things that she will be able to hopefully wear next winter. Faye just bought the cutest little winter coat with matching gloves for $6 and I think it is for 18-24 months. Can't wait until I have a baby to put in it.
Next item that is becoming frustrating, DAYCARE who knew that it would cost $150 to $185 a week???? You know I may just be the typical male, because I had no clue. I was expecting something more in the $75 - $100 dollar range. Well it looks like I am going to try and go to the weekend night shift so I can stay home during the week with Alexandria and then Faye will have her on the weekends. Now it's not as bad as it seems, Faye works 3-4 days a week and has for the most part weekends off, maybe a little call here and there. But lucky for Faye and I Grandma and Grandpa live a couple houses down and I don't think my mom will have any problems helping out. She is really looking forward to her first grandbaby. I think if worse comes to worse we will have to find a part time daycare or sitter and we have a friend that may be able to help us out. I will be getting off work at 7 am Monday mornings and will have to sleep, she will definatly have to have someone watch her, I'm not the lightest sleeper (I know, I know).
I am really hoping to hear something by the end of the month, but Faye seems to think it won't be until mid March. Don't know how we managed to go from Nov/Dec. to Feb/Mar. but I for one can tell you it is aggrivating. I was hoping to have my baby home and have myself into a routine by now, but oh well everyone says that good things come to those who wait, so I will try and be patient a little longer. I think it is this cabin fever that is wearing me out, I've been keeping myself busy working as much overtime as I can but I am getting sick of working. Ready to get into some good old fashion yard work. Until next time everyone take care.


  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger Ruby Cate said…

    Waiting sucks- PERIOD! I've been there & I absolutely agree, but if I may, and I honestly don't even remember how I stumbled upon your blog but after having read your post, I do feel I need to share one very important thing...
    ... in all my waiting & the bumps along the road, for every aggrivating setback, NOW looking back, I would not change ANY OF IT FOR THE WORLD!
    Why, you ask? Because had it not been for those setbacks & the EXTRA LONG TIME I had to wait for my referral, I would NOT have been matched with my daughter Ruby Cate... and now that she's here & she's my little girl, I can't even COMPREHEND having any OTHER child BUT HER as my daughter. So, even though it SUCKS (and believe me, I KNOW HOW MUCH THE WAITING SUCKS!) it's really TRULY, HONESTLY going to be 110% WORTH IT when you finally get the call & see your daughters face for the first time! You will just know in your heart that THAT little girl, is YOUR little girl & oh how all this crappy ass waiting will have been worth every agonizing second!
    Our children come to us in 'their own time...'
    Thus, the name for my little miss Ruby's blog... Ruby In Her Own Time, it's SO TRUE!


    Hang in there, your daughter is very close!

    -Amy & (one very sound asleep miss Ruby Cate)


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