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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just a little update

On Dec 8th families with LID (Log in dates) of April 7 & 14 received their referrals. Our LID is May 20th so we should hopefully receive our referral in Feb 2006 or Mar 2006. This is really jamming me up do to having plans of going to Las Vegas with my buddy Richard in May 2006. I am bowling in a league that you pay so much extra a week and at the end of the season we all go to Las Vegas. Not that Vegas is more important than this, it's just the timing couldn't be worse. I have I believe until next Sunday to back out if I don't want to go to Vegas, I just hate the thought of backing out for no reason. So here's the delimma (spelling???) should I just say hell with it and keep on paying in hopes that we get our referral next month and get to go to China before May or lose about 400-500 dollars if we have to go to China in May, or should I just be safe and back out now? I love Las Vegas and I know that there is always next year, but I feel really bad about letting my buddy down by backing out. This is Murphys law at it's finest, as I sit here I feel like saying hell with it I'll just keep planning on going to Las Vegas and if I lose the money I lose the money. Isn't it all a gamble anyhow? All in hopes of us receiving our referral in January say I.


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