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Sunday, October 23, 2005

All right now I am getting confused

Faye and I went to register for our baby shower last Friday, and wouldn't you know it I had no real clue as to what we really needed and what we could live without. I know we needed some things (stroller, car seats, diaper bags, safety gates) but as we stood there I became more confused. Now I began wondering will she be walking, will she be crawling, how much will she weigh, do we need sippy cups or bottles (we registered for both) we couldn't really put any cloths on our register because we have no idea what size she will be. This continues to make me feel that birth parents have it so much better, they know exactly what to expect for the most part. While we were at Babies R Us I saw a couple that appears to have just adopted from China and I wanted to unload a million questions but I knew that wasn't what they were there for, but I still wanted to ask so hopefully I could get a little more of a clue as to what they really need and what was a waste of time and money. I understand that just because one baby didn't use or like something doesn't mean ours won't but hopefully now you are understanding why I am feeling so much confusion. It has seemed the closer this thing is getting the more nervous I am. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated from those that have been there. Thanks


  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Lisa~~ said…

    Join the club. I too am more than confused about what is needed for our daughter. I did a post about it a short while back and still I have not figured things out. I figure if I have the basics crib, high chair, car seat, diapers, some clothing and bedding, everything else I can get after her arrival. Good luck!


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