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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Something pretty neat happened this past weekend

Faye and I met some new friends this past weekend, their names are Kurt and Jill (sorry don't know their last names) who are also in the process of adopting a new baby from China. Kurt and Jill are the first people that I have met that are going through and know what we are talking about when we speak about the adoption. What a relief it was to finally meet some people that actually know what it is that we are going through and to have the same hopes and fears that Faye and I are sharing. Faye and I hope to go to china with them but this may be a problem because they are approx. 5 weeks ahead of us in the adoption process. I hope they get to go as soon as possible and I hope we get to go as soon as possible if we can't go together. They were a lot of fun to have dinner with and I hope we do it again as soon as possible.


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