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Friday, October 07, 2005

Nothing new to report - REALLY!

Why is it that I never have anything new to report on here??? Maybe it is because no one ever reads it, or is it that every time I sit down I can't think of anything to write. The great name debate is back in full swing and believe it or not it's not me, Faye can't make up her mind on what we are going to name our daughter. The choices haven't changed, but Faye is on the fence once again, we thought it was going to be Abigail for sure and then just when I get ready to announce it she teeters back to Alexandria. Believe me when Faye makes up her mind I'll let everyone know. We still have more paperwork to do (Called a workbook) which means more silly little answers to more silly little questions. Why don't natural birth parents have to do all this crap??? Got the crib and dresser and boy is it nice stuff, should be for what we paid for it, and it is very exciting getting some stuff put in the room, all this waiting it becomes difficult for this to seem real. When you start putting stuff together and see the room coming together it becomes a little more real everytime. We should be approx. 2 months or less for our referral and I can't wait, still need to contact human resources at work and see exactly what my benifits are for adopting a child, I'm pretty sure they are the same as a normal birth couple. Just want to make sure.


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