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Thursday, September 14, 2006

To make up for her big fall, which was my fault

We went and got Alexandria her very first build a bear, I really tried to get her to pick one out (by her response), but she gave the same response for all of them. I was hoping that she would just reach out for one different than the others, but no luck. So she got the one that I thought was the best for her at this age. Also they told me that this bear was completely washable, we'll see about that. I really want this to be a special bear. I don't know they are always getting different styles of teddies in that place, maybe that will be something for Alex and I to share on special occasions. Who knows? Todd>>>>

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  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    I am laughing and laughing. Why? Because Roger did the same thing and make a visit to build-a-bear to check it out. "Research" he called it. Came home with a panda for me! I just don't get the whole concept - overprized stuff animals if you ask me. But you didn't. I think it must be a guy thing. Other fathers here love to take their daughters. It must be the whole "building" part of the concept.


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