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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day 23 and I love being a dad!

It's hard to believe that it has been 23 days since we first met our daughter, it really does seem like yesterday. I still remember seeing her with her caregiver from the orphanage, they actually let me in the room with all the babies even before anyone else got to see their baby. I remember all of the babies faces as I was looking at them one by one seeing if I could recognize our new little bundle of joy, well imagine the surprise when I didn't recognize her. Who knew that she would grow so much hair in such a short period of time, I didn't. Well this really made me nervous, did they bring the right babies? Well our coordinator asked for her name and I told them , well they held her up and how surprised was I to see all that hair and how small she was (Those referral pictures make babies look fat with all those clothes). I remember the confusion and the excitement, I remember trying to keep my composure even though I was a nervous mess. I wanted my daughter to see a strong daddy, but in the end she got a crying-heartmelting blob that was just so happy that the day had come. Well after 23 days there hasn't been a day that she hasn't simply amazed me, I know that everyone goes through this but I didn't realize that anyone could make me feel so......I don't know what the word is but there is a very good feeling that I really just cannot explain. I just love watching her learn, everyday it is something new that I thought would take a lot more time to master. We are making progress everyday and the doctors seem very satisfied with her progress and I am AMAZED, I was just expecting something different. You hear some of the horror stories on other blogs and you expect the worst and hope for the best, well I am getting the best everyday. We are just having a blast.
Today we started standing on our own and we decided that we really like holding peoples hands and taking our first real attempts at walking. Everyone keeps talking about how she is going to start walking before she crawls, well I am starting to really agree. She just doesn't show much interest in crawling, she likes to scoot on the floor but doesn't really care to crawl.
23 days and we still haven't found a single thing that this girl won't eat, I know she will get pickier with age, but I am really amazed at her great eating habits. I do think that there is going to be a big issue when we go to take the bottle away from her in the future, she really gets upset when she sees her bottles at bedtime and nap time and if it isn't right in her mouth she throws a fit. I can just imagine this when she gets older.
I've tried playing the baby einstein videos but this girl has ZERO interest in the television so I normally just watch what I want, I guess there will be plenty of time for her to watch all of her shows. I have lots more photos to post, but you know from my last post that time is a real premimum here lately so I know that you all understand and will wait patiently for the next batch, which will include the messy baby face pictures which will include another baby from our adoption group (Lily). If anyone else wants to contribute their messy photo, let me know. Well it is just about my bed time so everyone take care. Todd>>>>


  • At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Amy Salem said…

    Todd and Faye, I must say that your web-site is outstanding! I should be updating ours, but I am having too much fun reading yours! Alexandria is such a doll -the black and white photos are beautiful! I feel like I am reading about Anna at times - such as the part about having a fit when you take her bottle away - Anna is the same way - when she spies her bottle her calm manner is out the door - she wants it NOW. Keep hugging that precious daughter of yours! Best regards, Amy Salem


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