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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Life is starting to return to some type of normal?

What ever normal is, right?? I have offically returned to work, and it went off with no major problems other than while at work last night I got the news that my mom had fallen and broke her arm. Great I said there goes all the free babysitting for a few weeks (just kidding mom). Faye thinks my mom is most upset over the thought that she won't be able to hold her grandbaby, which I seem to believe Faye. Sorry mom. My mom along with me have been waiting a LONG time for this baby.
Alexandria is starting to sleep through most of the night with only a little whimpering and normally goes back to sleep with no problems, we don't even have to go in there anymore. Baby monitors are amazing you could hear a spider fart through one of those things, I cannot believe how sensitive those things are (better not say anything bad about mommy under my breath).
A big thanks to our new friends Byran and Rebecca for forwarding some of the photos that they took of us while in China, they captured Fayes initial reaction when Alex was brought into the room on Gotcha day, the picture is priceless as far as I am concerned, along with a few others that really mean a lot. Once again thank you.
Really hoping to keep in touch with most everyone from our group, we seemed to have a really good (busy) time while in China, I have already asked myself if I would go back and I really have no honest answer other than I don't know. Was this a once in a lifetime trip or do we want Alexandria to have a sister? Well I don't know if I could handle that plane ride again, that is right up there in the top things that I really don't care if I have to do again ever. Like I said before, the older I get the less I want to fly, especially for 20 hours, we did well this time and had a good baby, I couldn't imagine it had Alexandria screamed for 10 hours, I would have went insane.
All in all Alexandria is doing much better, mommy has had her out all day so I could sleep. The only big issue that we still have is that she doesn't like to be set down while she is awake, well I have news for her, we aren't holding her until she is 5. We still have a house to keep, I really felt that it looked like a bomb went off in here the first few days after we got home, but we are getting it together and things are coming along just fine. OK I have to get ready for work and I need to get something to eat so I will talk at you all later, Todd>>>>


  • At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad to hear things are getting back to normal, you guys are going to make great parents.

  • At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The reason she cries when she is put down is due to insecure attachment- altogether normal for a newly adopted child and much better than lack of attachment! She simply feels very insecure during any type of separation- she doesn't yet know that you can leave and come back. So she is what we call a "velcro" baby- needing comfort contact continually, and, yes, it can be draining for parents. I'm afraid that the only sure way for her to develop more security in her attachment is by providing as much comfort contact as possible at this point. I suggest getting a sling that you can carry her in that would make it easier to manage things at home. Then start to play little playful separation games like peek a boo. Sit her down for play and inch a little away, while giving her warm reassuring looks. Her inability to crawl also leaves her more helpless... Good luck- it takes time and energy but it's worth it in the long run!


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