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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Have about 20 minutes before nap time is over

The good, the bad and the ugly!!!!
Good-She eats like a champ
Bad-She doesn't like getting dressed
Bad-She doesn't like having her diaper changed
Ugly-She won't sleep through the night
Good-She loves to take a bath
Good-Loves being in her stroller going for walks
Bad-Hates being put down
Ugly-Doesn't like the high chair thing that much
Good-Loves mommy and daddy (we hope)

Well these are just a few of the good, bad, and ugly we just have to figure out the cure for some of these. We went and saw the pediatrician tuesday and she said everything was looking pretty good, though she is sending us to an international adoption clinic at Children's hospital for a through investigation. She seemed very confident that they will give her a through check up and all the test to ensure her vacinations are good. Bottle feeding in the middle of the night is "OUT" according to the doc, she says we can stop it now or later, well needless to say there has been a very unhappy baby at about 1 am the past 2 nights and all she does is cry and fuss which lasts for about a hour and a half and she goes back to sleep. I really believe that this girl cries until she is exhausted and falls back to sleep. Well when she goes back to sleep she sleeps great, we have to wake her up for breakfast which has been happening at about 7:30am. She eats and we get her changed and it's back to bed for the first nap of the day at about 9am and putting her down is like clockwork, she gets up at about 11am, we may have to wake her. Play time/lunch for the next couple of hours and then it is back down at about 2:30pm til about 4:30pm dinner/play time/walk/bathtime then she is ready for bed at about 8-9pm, we are trying to extend that out till about 9:30pm but she never lasts that long. First time parents of a 9-10 month old is a little trying, we still have lots to learn, but we are getting the hang of it. Well it is time to go wake the princess up (hopefully she will wake up in the next couple of minutes) will write again soon. Todd>>>>


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