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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some more things that you should take

All right here is the number one item that I would have if we ever go back for another baby. Platex baby bottles w/ disposable bottle liners, I don't think that anyone told us about that and we saw another couple using them and when we got home, we bought one, what a time saver, especially for over there in China, saves all that time washing bottles. With limited space at the hotel, this is just plain and simple a super time saver. I'm sure if you ask others they will have the same opinion. Faye also brought up the fact that anything disposable that you can take is a good idea (changing pads, bibs, spoons ect.) If you forget them or baby messes you can just simply throw it away, we took disposable bibs and they work great and you just leave it when your all done. This will also buy you some extra time when your baby is down for a nap or you have to get up in the middle of the night. Less cleaning is definatly more time for youself and your baby. Just a quick thought, Todd>>>>


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