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Monday, April 17, 2006

All right we made it home (sorry about the delay)

Well we made it home, sorry been too tired and busy to blog. Seems that Alexandria refuses to adjust to the time change and that means that daddy has pretty much been up all night since we have been home. Well I am trying my best to get her to bed at a descent hour and pray that she sleeps all night, but nooooooo...............I have been up a minimum of 4 hours both nights and she wants to play. Well I cannot encourage playing at 3am so we sit and she cries, screams, tries to sleep, whatever else you do with a baby between 1am and 5am. We both managed to sleep in with Alexandria until almost 11am this morning, so much for getting her on any kind of schedule. Faye is sick, I am trying to get sick, things just are not going well for our first couple of days, but I know they will get better.

The trip home, what a nightmare for me. We took the first leg from Gaungzhou to Hong Kong with no problems at all. Then we got to Hong Kong and the whole seating issue got fixed (FINALLY). Well the next 15 hours was like a long nightmare, not because of Alexandria, just imagine being first time parents taking a baby on a 15 hour plane ride. Well we were assigned a window seat and a middle seat, that meant hardly any getting up and moving around for those 15 hours except when the nice lady on the isle seat would get up herself (I hate bothering people on airplanes). My knee felt like it was going to explode about half the trip. Faye did a pretty good job keeping Alexandria asleep for most of the ride. I couldn't get her to sleep most of the time. I did get her to sleep about 2 hours on my lap and that is about the best 2 hours of sleep I had gotten. Making bottles on an airplane trip is a complete mess, and changing diapers isn't the easiest of tasks. We initally were going to buy an extra seat, but then they laid the $800 price tag on us and we thought better of the idea. Some of the others in the group did buy the extra seat, I think that it was money well spent, that gives you the extra space and also a place for your baby to be changed and sleep. Just my opinion. The last leg of the flight was from Chicago to Columbus and that was probably the worst leg, thank goodness it was just over 30 minitues, all she wanted to do was fuss, we thought that she would go down and stay down, but I think all the pressure changes had her messed up. She did sleep a little, but fussed most of the ride. re we thankful to be home, yes we are.

Well she seems to be enjoying her new surroundings for the most part, she was freaked out by the dog the first day, now she is curious about him and touched him for the first time yesterday. I just know that she will take to him, he of course is jealous and wants all the attention that she is getting from us. But he is doing good, just tries to get attention when he can.

Grandma (Nana) and Grandpa got to spend easter Sunday with her for a couple of hours and I think that a bunch of Faye's family is coming to visit Wednesday. She seems to be doing well with others and I don't really worry about her bonding with Faye and I. I really believe that she had bonded well with both of us.

Well have to go, will try and write more later. Todd>>>>


  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    Welcome home and hang in there. You have 18 years of this ride ahead of you....the fun has only just begun!

    (and we are soooo buying the extra seat!)


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