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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

17 Months old TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day was kind of funny, I was out in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes, I'm pretty much always in the kitchen doing something because this girl is a little tornado. Well anyhoo, I was in the kitchen and like usual when it is quiet I know that something is happening that shouldn't be. Well I walk into the living room and see Alex standing at my computer chair staring at the computer (pictures flash on the screen as the screen saver) so I just figured that she was looking at the pictures, which she does from time to time. Well what I failed to realize was she had my wallet, well I hear her come into the kitchen and I look down and she has my credit card. Is this a sign of things to come???? This is the only thing that she pulled out of my wallet. I figured I would come back to the computer chair and find my wallet emptied on the floor, but no the only thing missing was my credit card. Hmmmmmmmmm??? Her mother is teaching her well. Kind of funny I think.
Yesterday I started putting the Christmas trees up, and want to talk about not knowing what to think. I put them up while she was taking a nap; so all she knows is that there are two (yes two) trees in the house now. For those wanting an explanation for two, I like a nice gaudy (sp.) Christmas tree and Faye like a very formal looking tree. So we put the nice pretty tree in the living room in the front window and we hide my gaudy tree in the den. Good thing about my tree is that we have been doing this since we have been married; the nice formal tree has only been around about 6 years. Last Christmas we didn’t even put a tree up because we were expecting our referral in Nov. or Dec. Who knew that the referrals would be LATE? That is all history now, this will be our first Christmas with little Miss Alexandria and we are so excited. I say gaudy because there is no real theme to it, we have colored lights and just about everything that we have collected over the years, the formal tree is all white lights with snow men and angels, that’s it. The best thing about the gaudy tree is that it gets all the presents put under it for Christmas morning; Santa Claus is a good judge.
Alex still isn’t really talking, but she is going to any day now, I think I said Christmas and we feel that is a good guesstimate. You have read below what words she is saying, but she doesn’t say them on a regular basis unless you ask her to say them for the most part. I think she will be talking and asking questions in about a month. We get the regular Ma and Dad, but I want to her that sweet DADDY come out of her mouth and mean it.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and look forward to seeing everyone this holiday season. Take care, Todd>>>>

P.S. I would like to welcome our friends Monte and Tara and their 4 little troopers home from Germany, yes Monte was the one I posted pictures of in Iraq this time last year, well Monte has retired from the military and they just arrived home to Michigan Wednesday. Welcome home; hope to see you guys soon.

P.S.S. GO BUCKS, sorry about your luck Michigan. (OHIO STATE – BIG TEN CHAMPIONS)


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