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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sweet Girl

Alex and I met my mom, Aunt Mickey, and cousins Polly and Darcey and Darcey's son Braden. We all met up at Red Lobster in Mansfield which is the half way point between Columbus and Willard. We had a great time. You can see from the pictures that Alex loved her cousin Braden very much. She gave him lots of kisses. She also had her first sucker. Boy, she loved that. Thanks you Grandma for lunch and for the new musical book. Alex loves her new book. She dances to the music all the time. She is so cute.

Her newest things to do are:

If you ask her what a cow says she says"mmmmmmmm"
If you ask her what a monkey says she says" ooo ooo"
If she is eating and she likes it she says"mmmm mmmm"
She understands so much. I told her the other night-- let't go take a bath and she heads for the stairs, climbs them and gets her bathtub out of the closet.
She will also take her clothes off if I tell her to or at least will try.
She loves to help push the shopping cart. Of course, it takes me twice as long at the store but that's okay most of the time
She likes to give the store clerks the money or credit card to pay for things.
After she takes a drink she says "ahhhhhhh"
Usually whenever she hears any kind of music she starts dancing.
She will go get a book and sit in our laps.
I taught her to do ring around the rosie. She grabs my hand and we go around a circle and fall down. She likes the fall down part the best.
If she drops something and I say uh oh she will say " oh ".
She is really starting to try to repeat words. I am trying hard with please and thank you.
She continues to be the light of our lives.
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  • At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Trixie and WaWa here. Just got back from a baby shower for a referral from China. Baby Maisie! Wonderful to see all the babies. We decided to check in on ya'll and must say that either someone has a very red mouth or that is the largest sucker ever! What ever happened to the thin lollipops or the tiny dumdums? That sucker is giant - no wonder she loves it. The babies today were all waddling around with cookies in one hand and brownies in the other. Adorable!


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