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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This girl is just so cute, I can't stand it

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Faye and Alex just got back from a visit with friends on the east coast, Delaware to be exact. They were gone for about 6 days and by the end I was missing my girls alot. Well last night when they got home I knew exactly how much Alex missed me, she was giving me big hugs and a few kisses (she is stingy with the kisses anymore). I couldn't believe how clingy she was being with me, I was worried the time away might make her forget me or at least want her mommy more, well I was wrong. I also couldn't believe how much I really wanted to hug them both, normally when Faye goes away I actually enjoy the time to myself, well not this time. I simply couldn't wait for them to get back.

The time away did some good for Alex, now that she is back I see exactly how much she is learning. When you see your child everyday, you don't realize how much they are learning on a daily basis, well let your child leave for about a week and see what they know when they return, it's amazing.

While in Delaware Faye took Alex to the beach and like I figured Alex wanted nothing to do with the sand, this is no big surprise as she doesn't like the grass. However she loved the big ocean, all of Faye's friends took turns taking her right to the edge of the water and let her play. Must be like bath time in her eyes, all she knows is that she is getting wet and loves the water. Faye took plenty of pictures, but not many of them turned out, I think that Alex has learned what the camera is and is now for the most part refusing to look at it. I will attach what picutes I can, but like I said they are few and far between. Todd>>>>


  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    First I loved the slideshow. Second is it possible that your wife and daughter have the same nose? Look at some of those pictures and you will see a definite likeness in the facial expressions when they smile! Isn't that wonderful? Our Chinese friends told us that our baby would look like us and I thought it was sweet - - but they meant it. They said China takes every effort to pick babies with some similar characteristics whenever possible. Guess they were right!


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